Banksy Art - Hero Time is Gone Canvas Art Prints / Paintings

  • €5.95 EUR

Banksy Street Art in Canvas Prints

The World renowned, yet ultra secretive street artist Banksy, whose identity remains a secret to this day. Or does it, Goldie? Some of his most famous pieces for you to enjoy in Canvas Print format. These pieces come without a frame.

Each individual piece is an exact replica of the original artwork. Prized by collectors Worldwide. With one unscrupulous entrepreneur digging out a whole section of wall, with a digger. In order to get his hands on an original!

These pieces come without a frame. So head down to your local IKEA and splash out! But please make sure that it enhances and not detracts from the beautiful artwork :) Keep doing what you do Rob.. sorry, Banksy. 

Your Prints Info

Style: Classical
Material: Canvas
Medium: Oil
Type: Canvas Prints
Technics: Spray Painting
Frame: No
Form: Single
Shape: Rectangle
Subjects: Landscape
Original: No
Calligraphy and painting type: Canvas Painting

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