DIY Elephants Landscape Painting By Numbers Modern Wall Art Canvas

  • €11.95 EUR

African Sunset Elephants Landscape Painting By Numbers

If you are a fan of elephants and you love to paint, then this project is for you. Painting by numbers allows you to create your very own unique piece of artwork. With it's own variations and one off details. Grab a diy African sunset painting and show the world the talent you truly possess inside. The perfect gift or project for the right person.

Painting Information

Size: 40cm x 50cm
Style: Classical
Subjects: Animal
Support Base: Canvas
Frame: No
Form: Single
Shape: Rectangle
Medium: Acrylic
Technics: Hand Painted
Model Number: painting by numbers
framed: no frame
package: rolled on tube
technique: painted by yourself
painting: vintage painting
material: Linen
pigment: Acrylic paint brush canvas
Calligraphy and painting type: Canvas Painting

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