Ak47 gun poster.
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Vintage Retro AK47 Structure Design.
Vintage Retro AK47 Structure Design Poster - Micks MegaStore
AK47 Structure Design Poster in situ.

Vintage Retro AK47 Structure Design Poster

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AK47 Poster - From Russia with Love

If you are a fan of military hardware. Guns, Tanks and all that jazz. Then you will love this technical breakdown of the AK47 assault rifle originally designed and produced in the Soviet Union. This bringer of death has been in countless battles since its first inception back in 1948. The chosen weapon of everyone from Bin Laden to the Viet Cong. when the M16 could get the job done. The AK was always there, even after being submerged in water. Grab a piece of history today. 

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Material: Paper
Style: Europe
Classification: For Wall
Specification: Single-piece Package
Size: 50 x 35cm