Good Health, Sláinte in Irish Drinking Tankard.
Good Health, Sláinte Drinking Tankard.

Sláinte, To Your Good Health Irish Drinking Tankard

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To Your Good Health, Sláinte Drinking Tankard

Our very manly and sturdily built drinking tankard with dazzling gold trim is a must for all beer lovers. Adorned with the Irish word Sláinte, which translates to mean to your Good Health. Signified by the first recorded ancient Irish text known as Ogham. This is a wonderful way to consume your favourite beverage. 

And with a handle crafted by the brewing Gods themselves, with our in-house design. It's a splendid vessel in which you will drink your favourite tipple come game time.

Impress your friends and family as you down the liquid of the Gods! No more running to the fridge after each small can or bottle. Simply fill up your chilled tankard, sit back and relax. To you and yours, we wish you good health now and into the future, Sláinte!

Product Info:

  • 22oz or 650ml with an 8.5" circumference and 3.75" diameter.
  • Made of ceramic and gold trim at the top and bottom.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Do NOT place this product in the microwave.


  • Expect your mug to be delivered 5 to 10 days North America.
  • International orders 7 to 14 days.