Laptop Cooling USB Powered Extractor Fan
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Notebook Cooling USB Powered Extractor Fan
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Laptop Cooler Air Extracting Exhaust Cooling Fan

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Laptop Cooling USB Powered Extractor Fan

If you are like many notebook users, you will often have some issue with your computer overheating. Whether using multiple applications or your built in fan simply isn't fit for purpose. Get a whole new lease of life with this sweet mini USB powered exhaust vacuum fan laptop cooler. Keep your cool baby :)

Notebook Cooler Info

Package: Yes
Application Laptop Size: 9*1.5cm
Radiator Type: Air-cooled
Type: Single Fans
USB Ports: 1 USB Cooling fan
Model Number: Mini Vacuum USB Laptop Cooler CPU Cooling Fan
Size: 100x72x31mm
Model: 96962
Type: notebook cooling equipment