Wooden Laptop Stand Oozes Style.
Wooden Laptop Stand close up.
Wooden Laptop Stand with laptop.
Bamboo Laptop Stand airflow.
Wooden Laptop Stand from back.
Wooden Laptop Stand heights.

Bamboo Portable Laptop Computer Stand Holder

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Wooden Laptop Stand Oozes Style 

Say hello to your beautiful new eco-friendly ultra portable laptop stand for your active lifestyle. Made from abundant bamboo and wood materials. This desktop holder is suitable for every laptop model on the market. Add a whole new dimension to your mobile tech life and make things so much easy and care free.

  • COMPACT - it easily fits into your laptop bag or your computer sleeve.
  • ERGONOMIC - it has two different levels so that you can forget about any back pain or bad posture issues.
  • COOLING - the patented design enhances airflow around your laptop, keeping it running at peak efficiency at all times.

Laptop Stand Info

Brand Name: Centechia
Material: Bamboo / Wood